Do you live from holiday to holiday? Here are some proverbs and quotes about holidays, vacation and tourism.

Tourists at the Trevi Fountain – By Benson Kua


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A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work.

Morris Fishbein

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Robert Orben

A vacation is like love: anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.

Evan Esar

I love Halloween. I love Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. I love New Year's.

Madelaine Petsch

I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up - they have no holidays.

Henny Youngman

I'm not a good tourist, I don't like tourism.

Joe Sacco

In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius.

Mehmet Murat ildan

Please be a traveler, not a tourist.

Andrew Zimmern

Some of my fondest memories are holidays by the seaside.

Mary Berry

The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.

Sir Richard Burton

The thing about tourism is that the reality of a place is quite different from the mythology of it.

Martin Parr

The tourist may complain of other tourists, but he would be lost without them.

Agnes Repplier

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist.

Russell Baker

To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going.

Paul Theroux

Vacations prove that a life of pleasure is overrated.

Mason Cooley

When I travel, I feel more like a nomad than a tourist.

Mohsin Hamid

When the boss is a way, work becomes a holiday.

When we allow ourselves to explore, we discover destinations that were never on our map.

Amie Kaufman

Yosemite Valley is like a tourist zoo. It's shameful.

Michael Frome

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