Mushrooms are loved for their taste or feared because they could be poisonous. Here is a collection of proverbs and quotes about mushrooms.

Mushroom in a forest


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A lucky man can stumble upon a treasure while an unlucky one can't even find a mushroom.

Russian proverb

A mushroom grows on dung.

Swahili proverb

All mushrooms are edible, but some only once.

Croatian proverb

Asparagus and mushrooms teach a cook humility.

Sicilian proverb

Clothes I wear for mushroom hunting are rarely sent to the cleaner. They constitute a collection of odors I produce and gather while rambling in the woods.

John Cage

Compliments are like mushrooms, the most beautiful are the most poisonous.

Italian proverb

Every mushroom knows its time.

Russian proverb

Falling in love is like eating mushrooms, you never know if it's the real thing until it's too late.

Bill Balance

He has sprung up like a mushroom.

Latin proverb

I must be a mushroom. They keep me in the dark and feed me bullshit.

If a hunter comes back with mushrooms, don't ask him how his hunt was.


If you wish to eat a mushroom, you cannot consider what the mushroom fed on.

It's better to eat a mushroom in freedom than to eat meat in slavery.

African proverb

Like mushrooms in the rain.

English proverb

Mushroom is not bread, berry is not grass.

Russian proverb

Mushrooms are the food of the gods.

Greek proverb

Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom.

Thomas Carlyle

Old mushroom has young root.

Russian proverb

Once the mushroom has sprouted from the earth, there is no turning back.

One who is noisy in the wood, scares away mushrooms.

Russian proverb

The wedding feast is not made with mushrooms only.

Spanish proverb

The white mushroom is small but noble.

Russian saying

To be afraid of wolves, to be without mushrooms.

Russian proverb

Watch out for the unexpected mushroom.

Sicilian proverb

When the fall is poor for mushrooms, the winter will be rich with snow.


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Showing results 1 to 25 of 28

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