Time waits for no one. Here are some proverbs and quotes about our time keeper, the clock.

Alarm clock

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A broken clock is right twice a day.
Something which is unexpected may still happen.

A clock that stands still is better than one that goes wrong.

A happy man does not hear the clock strike.

Clocks were invented to warn us. Tick (time is passing). Tock (time has passed).
Kamand Kojouri

I want to turn the clock back to when people lived in small villages and took care of each other.
Pete Seeger

I work until beer o'clock.
Stephen King

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.
George Orwell
Source: 1984

Many men are like clocks that show one hour and strike another.

The clock never stops, never stops, never waits. We're growing old. It's getting late.
Ben Folds

They took away time, and they gave us the clock.
Abdullah Ibrahim

We spend our lives on the run: we get up by the clock, eat and sleep by the clock, get up again, go to work - and then we retire. And what do they give us? A bloody clock.
Dave Allen

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