You may need some Dutch courage. This page is a collection of proverbs and quotes about The Netherlands or Holland.

Netherlands windmill
Netherlands: Tulips, dykes, bicycles, cheese, and of course windmills.

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Double Dutch.
Unintelligible language.

Dutch agreement.
An agreement made whilst being drunk (and which both parties cannot remember).

Dutch courage.
The courage that you get by drinking alcoholic drinks.

God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.
René Descartes

Going Dutch.
Splitting the bill.

I never show the back of my tongue. That is a Dutch expression.
Ben van Berkel

I'm from Holland, and I'm used to rain.
Marianne Vos

The entire country is a kind of saturated sponge.
Mary Mapes Dodge

The Netherlands are wet, flat and full of stoned people.
John Entwistle

We Dutch, we like to have an opinion, a strong opinion. We think we know everything better.
Ruud Gullit

With 17 million residents and 23 million bicycles, the Netherlands already has more bikes than people. Now, it wants to get even more cyclists on the roads -- and will pay people to do it.

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