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How many followers do you have? Here is a collection of proverbs and quotes about social and asocial media.

Social and asocial media
Social and asocial media

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Facebook Algorithms have got us all screwed up, where we only listen and talk to people with the same views as us, and I think it's not helping us as a culture to grow.
Karamo Browne

Facebook and Twitter are like a horrible digital plague.
Steven Berkoff

Facebook is not your friend, it is a surveillance engine.
Richard Stallman

How real are you if Google can't find you?
Kees Schiphouwer

I didn't know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time.
Betty White

I don't have anyone's number; I just Facebook them.
Maisie Williams

I wonder which is ultimately more creepy: shopping at Amazon or using Facebook?
Harper Reed

I'm not a social media person; I don't know what's going on unless somebody tells me.
Tyler Perry

If I've learned anything from social media, it's truly that the most irrelevant people always say the most absurd stuff.
Pat McAfee

If you're over 52 years old and you're on Facebook, do us all a favor and log off now.
Denis Leary

Narcissists - people with an inflated self-concept and a strong sense of uniqueness and superiority - seek attention and affirmation on Facebook.
Amy Morin

The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to voiceless people.
Jon Ronson

The great tragedy about social media was how it gave a voice to brainless people.

The idea of just sitting at home on Facebook worries me. I think we should all get out more.
Irvine Welsh

We can't blame children for occupying themselves with Facebook rather than playing in the mud. Our society doesn't put a priority on connecting with nature. In fact, too often we tell them it's dirty and dangerous.
David Suzuki

We live in a world where many of us have a lot of friends on Facebook but yet we have lost human connection.
Robin S. Sharma

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