Adam and Eve’s apple and many more fruits can be found in this collection of proverbs and quotes.

Oranges and star fruits

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A bad tree does not yield good apples.

A black plum is as sweet as a white.

A cherry year, a merry year; a plum year, a dumb year.

A coconut shell full of water is a sea to an ant.

A coconut shell full of water is an ocean to an ant.

A cooked tomato is like a cooked oyster: ruined.
Andre Simon

A dead cherry tree will not blossom.

A fig tree with figs turned out to be a ruin with mosquitoes.

A fly does not mind dying in coconut cream.

A fruit tree that grows in a dung heap will certainly blossom.

A fruit-bearing tree is known by its flowers.

A good tree bears good fruit.

A good tree brings forth good fruit.

A goodly apple rotten at the heart: O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath.
William Shakespeare

A grape that sees another gets ripe.

A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.
Benny Green

A large spider sat in the middle of a frosted web in the brambles.
J.K. Rowling
Source: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

A lawsuit is a fruit-tree planted in a lawyer's garden.

A man only takes rosella to the bush to plant one time.
A proverb from the Soninke people of West Africa: Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau. [Yugo do Sangume wa telle gunne ta banne ya]. The proverb is used in contexts when something only needs to be done once.

A melon forced off its vine is not sweet.

A palm tree growing in the shade will not bear ripe fruit.

A pear tree cannot bear an apple.

A pear will fall to its root.

A pear will never fall into a closed mouth.

A ripe pear is more likely to fall in the shit than onto the clean ground.

A rotten apple spoils the barrel.
A bad person can have a bad influence on the group they belong to.

A stone from the hand of a friend is an apple.

A strange land is a bilberry; one's own land is a strawberry.

A strawberry blossom will not moisten dry bread.

A strawberry blossom will not sweeten dry bread.

A strawberry doesn't ripen according to the wishes of a monkey.

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy.
Albert Einstein

A tree is known by its fruit.

A tree, a religion, a school, and parents are judged by the fruits they produce.

A woman and a cherry are painted for their own harm.

A woman and a melon are hard to choose.

A woman's belly is a garden with many kinds of fruit.

A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.
Laurie Colwin

About the woodlands I will go, to see the cherry hung with snow.
A.E. Housman

Adam ate the apple, and our teeth still ache.

All birds will flock to a fruitful tree.

All good things which exist are the fruits of originality.
John Stuart Mill

All the fruit is not found in just one field.

Almond nuts come to those who have no teeth.

An ant guarding a mango.
Used for a boy who is careful not to let other boys near his girlfriend.

An ant watching over a bunch of mangoes.
Worrying about something you will not get any benefit from.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

An apple cleft in two is not more twin than these two creatures .
William Shakespeare

An apple never falls far from the tree.

An apple-pie without some cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.

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