A list of proverbs and quotes about postponing things. Read it now, not later.

Postpone it or do it now?
Postpone it or do it now?

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A postponement till morning, a postponement for ever.

Anger is the one thing made better by delay.
Don't speak or act immediately when you are angry; wait a bit.

Do today what you want to postpone until tomorrow.

Don't postpone until tomorrow, what you can do today.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
Jim Rohn

I postpone everything, except things I wouldn't do anyway.

Justice delayed is justice denied.
If the law is applied too late, there is no justice.

Often greater risk is involved in postponement than in making a wrong decision.
Harry A. Hopf

Postpone today's anger till tomorrow.

Postpone today’s anger until tomorrow.

Postponement is cancellation.

The revenge that is postponed is not forgotten.

Tomorrow never comes.
If something is postponed until a future day it may never be done.
Tomorrow does not really exist, since every day is experienced as 'today'.

You can't put off being young until you retire.
Philip Larkin

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